It is just the way I have tended to operate in the world … and again, I am just ‘thinking out loud’ for the amusement of all my Blog & Facebook friends.
More often than not, I have figured out what I am supposed to do – then resolved not to do it … strangely, this has worked out for me. The times when things went pear-shaped because of that thinking, I learned. But again, surprisingly often, things turned out for the better.
I really should finish that university degree … nah, I’ll head to Asia and study martial arts instead … that makes sense!
I should study desktop publishing at Uni, then get a job at a print-house … nah, I’ll glue and paste a martial arts magazine together, print 10,000 of them and see how it pans out … that makes sense!
I really should do the floor-plans for my house first … nah, I’ll make a model out of balsa blocks and glue and then figure out how to fit everything I need inside that shape … that makes sense!
I should stick to one martial art, and work on it till the end of my days … nah, I’ll go against the trend and against all the nay-sayers and MIX my martial arts up a bit; I’ll even try to combine stand-up with clinching, takedowns and groundwork … that makes sense!
Sometimes … you just have to follow your instincts and see how things pan out. Our instincts can be often be wrong – but then again, they got our ancestors, and subsequently us, to this point in history … perhaps we should listen to them more often than we do. I do – oft times, against the advice of experts.


Liam H Wandi said…
What a brave post. Well said.
Bali Hotels said…
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