Work the problem ...

NASA does it ... pro athletes do it ... engineers do it ... and more MMA fighters need to do it - and that is ... work the problem. Once we have identified a problem - a hurdle - a hiccup in our performance, we should set our minds (and bodies) to the task and work our way through it. This takes time and mindfulness. I think too often, it is just easier for people to keep blasting away, to keep fighting hard (or working hard) and confuse effort with results. Once we identify a problem, we should embrace it, own it, come up with a solution, work that solution and subsequently remove the problem from our 'to do list'. Sprinters will not just keep 'running hard' to get better results, they will slice their efforts down into thinner and thinner slices, and examine and refine their technique - always working the 'small stuff'. Fighters - need to do take the same approach.
In New Zealand right now - with my friend Geoff Grant - about to head to class. Another chance to work the small stuff. Here's a clip of Gilbert Melendez (as I am wearing his Hoodie right now - cold here) working on a string of the 'small stuff' at his training centre in the Dogpatch - in San Francisco.


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