Pray if you like - but pray whilst running ...

Pray if you like ... but if the lion is chasing you; pray whilst running!
In other words, if you want to do something you need to take action. This sounds easy but can be very hard to do. Taking action - pulling the trigger, is a skill to be acquired - just like any other skill. We can have all the information we need (sometimes even too much information) and yet, we can find ourselves falling short of 'taking action'. You can read 'the secret' time and time again; you can visualize, ask the universe, pray - but at the end of the day, if you don't DO anything - it is unlikely that anything will happen.
If you want to be better at BJJ - you need to immerse yourself in training, in competition, in doing something. it can be hard for many to compete for example - as stepping out into the competitive arena requires it's own special brand of courage - but the rewards are great and manifold. As I have said before (on many an occasion) if you succumb to the fears that hold most other back from achieving, you cannot logically expect to get an extraordinary outcome. To achieve extraordinary outcomes we need to take extraordinary action. Action is the key here ... take the leap - pull the trigger; see what happens - you will begin to shape yourself into something completely other than the ordinary. JBW


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