Empty Jacket Jiu Jitsu Strategy

The concept – though not necessarily easy to master – is a simple one at it’s most fundamental level …
If you are fighting someone larger and stronger – by trying to ‘force’ or imnpose your technique on them, you give them ‘clarity of purpose’ – ie: if you need to pull their sleeve hard, then they feel that and resist accordingly (being ‘clear’ on what they need to do to stop or resist your tactic) – consequently, they feel ‘strong’ – and difficult to manage. If however, you do not try to impose your technique, but instead just ‘flow’ with ‘current’ of the fight – then the opponent (if he or she is less experienced or less technical) has no clear sense of purpose – ie: they are left unsure about how they need to apply their strength. Pull their arm strongly, they are clear that they need to pull back strongly; push them strongly, they are clear that they need to push back strongly; pull them down strongly, they are clear that they need to ‘posture up’ strongly – but give them nothing, they become ‘rudderless/directionless, etc. Empty jacket Jiu Jitsu is about giving your opponent no clear qeue’s on how they should apply their strength. This, very counter-intuitive way of rolling works especially well against larger, stronger (but less experienced/less technical) opponents. It forms the basis of flow-rolling … try it today.


Steve said…
But this method is also an excellent way to set up attacks both standing and on the ground correct?

Regarding takedowns, if I pull your arm your natural reaction will be to pull it back. If I'm still connected to you with a sleeve grip, you pulling back will draw me into you where perhaps I can snatch a single leg.

I also think this empty jacket strategy would work from a defensive standpoint as well. Like if you were about to get your guard passed, you may want to just give it to them rather than fighting it because like you wrote, it gives them a purpose.

They are thinking get out of this guard, clear my leg. You could be setting them up the whole time to nail an escape or sweep as soon as you decide to use the empty strategy and they clear their leg.

I like the strategy and I think it can be applied to a bunch of aspects in bjj. I think I use it during submission attempts against me like during chokes. rather than resist, fight, and gurgle, I just calmy try to find a small stream of air that will allow me to survive without wasting energy.

Thanks for the knowledge.
Anonymous said…
Feeling your way through and not forcing it is something i have been working on regardless of the opponents skill level. Not an easy thing but its becoming rewarding, slowly! Its a humbling experience thats for sure.
Nice post, I like it.
Stewie M

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