Footprints on the mat ...

What kind of footprint do you leave on the mat?
That is, what kind of impression do you leave? Are you the kind of training partner that helps others out? When you tap someone, and they don't know the technique you used - do you show them? Are you the kind of partner that others love rolling with - or do people scatter when it's tie to change rolling partners?
Our footprint - is the impression we leave. Simple as that. If you want to attract training partners - leave a great impression. The impression you leave is about much more than the particular game you like to play. Sure, your game will leave an impression - a unique game, leaves a unique impression  - but more importantly, it is how we treat and respect pour training partners that influences the impression we make.
The footprint we leave on the mat is how people will remember you at training. The footprint we leave in the world is how people will remember you at playing an even bigger game.


KB said…
Those were all some really good questions. Thinking about the answers changed my perspective a bit.
Liam H Wandi said…
Beautiful post. The Buddha tells us that nothing really exists but the moment and our interaction with the world at this very moment. If you use every moment to be a person others want to spend time around, you will create a good and happy "you".

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