Moving Forward

This is a neat trick.
The ability to keep moving forward when external forces are making things difficult – or steering us toward procrastination (often times: endless procrastination). Very often, we tend to wait for those ‘perfecrt opportunities’ – we wait until the planets are ‘perfectly aligned’ before we ACT – I dislike this strategy – simply because it will ultimately lead to very little ‘action’ at all. Things are SO RARELY – perfectly aligned!
Melissa and I have decided to build a new house – but we needed to sell an investment property before we felt comfortable enough to move forward with the new project – so we put one older house we own, on the market. Not being the best time to sell – and the house being a bit decrepit – we were receiving offers considerably under what we were told we could get for it. But yesterday we accepted an offer – albeit a low offer – because we want to MOE FORWARD! There is a lot to be said for moving forward toward those things we want. We could have waited – but time s slipping by – I am excited about moving toward this new goal we’ve set for ourselves – and already (in less than 24 hours) we’ve forgotten our disappointment at the low price we got for the old property.
So when is the best time to start training? When we are a little fitter? NO – the best time is NOW! When is the best time to get onto better eating – after Christmas holidays are done with? NO – the best time is NOW!
You don’t have to wait for the perfect set of circumstances to arrive – just take a step forward today. One step toward any goal – is infinitely better than NO steps. Move forward.


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