Now ... nothing new!

There is quite a bit of talk nowadays ... about being in the NOW. I myself have talked and written about this idea. But there's the thing ... it is NOTHING NEW!!!
For a very, very, very, very, very, very long time ... mankind has lived as an integral part of nature, as a part of the world, living in the now for the most part of his (or her) life.
It is only relatively recently (historically speaking) that we have had to have 'jobs', 'careers', 'earn money', pay taxes, buy computers, enlist online friends (to be our friends), etc ... we don't need to find the NOW, we just need to GET BACK TO IT. For a long, long, long, long, long time ... we ALWAYS lived in the now. The entire animal kingdom lives in the now - they are succesful (within their own lives - they don't worry about taxes, they don't worrty at all. They live.
Being successful, has mean't something different (if anything at all) for a very, very long time ... but now (no pun intended) that we no longer live in the 'now' ... being successful is often interpreted as being something other than what it really is. Almost the entire system we dwell in, is structured in a way that pulls us away from being what we are meant to be ... and how we are meant to live.
How to live our lives ... worth thinking about ... worth acting on ... right NOW! JBW


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