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A number of people have e-mailed me asking for an elaboration on the concept of Precessional Effect - I have even had several suggestions that I write a book on the subject. Nice idea ... and flattering confidence ... but I seriously doubt whether there would be any serious interest - or interest enough to warrant a book ... but anyways, here's another short blog on the idea: 
The simplest example I can think of to shed further light on what I am trying to say is this: imagine you have a business, a job, whatever; it doesn’t matter what it is, saving animals, making cakes, creating gardens …
The goal associated with most jobs, is to get the work done and get paid for it; after all, we have long since traded our time for the convenience of money, and we need it to compensate others for their goods and services so that we can live our lives in the way we want to live them. Okay … let’s say for the moment that the goal is to earn money (that’s why most people work) … but to earn that money, we need to save our animals, bake our cakes and create our gardens. Instead of focusing on the goal (getting that pay-check), we place our focus on the outward rippling implications of what we do; making people feel better about animals and thereby deepening their understanding of their role on this planet; making people’s special occasions all that more special buy creating that cake that they will never forget; by designing or making that garden that will connect people more deeply to their living space and enrich their lives in a myriad of ways … by concentrating on these outcomes, we become enriched ourselves; we are fulfilled and happier for our efforts; we are respected and acknowledged by others … oh, and that’s right … we still get paid. Maybe, in fact, it is highly likely, that we will be valued even more for our ‘work’ and be paid more than we would have if we had just remained focused on the pay-check.
We can indeed have our cake and eat it too … by directing our attention to the outward-rippling implications of our actions, we get to eat our cake but by doing just that, we get ‘work’ done and get paid for it … and that we get to keep our cake as well. We, are that special brand of honey-bee that doesn’t just collect the pollen and take it back to the hive, but we can knowingly and passionately, place our attention on the process (and outward-rippling effect’ of cross-pollination) and enjoy fulfilment and happiness along the way.
John B Will 2012


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