The deep end ...

I love the concept of the Bell Curve - and the many ways we can overlay the various parameters of our lives upon it. Saints at one end - serial killer at the other - the utra-fit at one end - the morbidly obese at the other - etc …. we all sit somewhere on the bell-curve - in every aspect of our lives, training, etc.
When it comes to martial arts practice - the same thinking can be applied; at one end of the bell curve we have those who practise a martial as a purely recreational or social pursuit - at the other end we have those who practice to prepare for engagement with an enemy life-death struggle - and somewhere along that bell curve most of us have found our ‘sweet-spot’. 
In thinking about where you want to be (on that bell-curve) and where you actually are … it is possible to gain clarity on which direction you need to move and in what areas you need to switch or at least, orient, your practice. The deep end of the pool is not for everyone … but neither is the shallow end. And over time, your preferences will almost certainly … change


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