Adept at Adaptation ...

Nothing stays the same … for long.
Not the weather, not the stock-market, not fashion, not government policy …. not your opponent’s position whilst you are wrestling.
If there was such a thing as the ‘perfect side control position’ (for example) … we could cast cast  a mannequin into that ‘perfect’ shape … plonk it on top of you, and you would never get out … right? Hardly! The reason you would easily escape is because the mannequin wouldn’t come equipped with the ability to make the infinite number of ongoing minor adjustments needed to maintain the ‘side control’ position. This is, perhaps an overly obvious point I am making, but to some degree I see many people acting like mannequins on the mat - ice: failing to make enough and necessary micro-adjustments to the fluid situation they find themselves in. 
Nothing stays the same … so to remain ‘on course’ … we need to be adept and adaptation. Both on and off the mat … life requires we adapt … continuously … it is, in fact, how life works! JBW


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