Quiten the Avatar ...

We are more than just our thoughts - our self-talk.
Think about it ... that part of you that listens to your 'self talk' - what I call my 'yammering avatar' - that is the inner/real/original you. Some might even call this part of ourselves - our true self. Our thoughts and our 'internal yammerings' are just one of the manifestations of our ego (our avatar if you like) - that construct that came into being to protect us in the world. We don't want to kill our avatar - or forever silence it - we just need to be able to quieten it down at times - at tose times when we want an inner peace - when we just want to 'be' - when we want to 'flow'.
Trying to do this in a state of action is a very interesting experiment ... flipping to this 'state of being' when we are stressed will provide instant relief from such ... an essential skill in a world that has the power to over stimulate our avatar at every turn. JBW


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