INSTRUCTORS: What's the agenda?

Not all instructors get results ... clearly this is a true statement. But consider this, what results are they even setting out to obtain? What is their mission ... their agenda?
Personally ... I am clear on my objective ... and it is this: Put the student on a pathway to success. I want to see people improve - I want to see people making progress. I want outcomes! I am driven by outcomes - and if I have to wear a pink tutu and stand on my head to get them, I'll do that!
Of course, there are loads of instructors who are merely incompetent - they either don't have enough expertise in the subject matter or they do but they cannot impart those skills to other people - or in some cases, they can if they want to, but they just don't care enough .. and they may be content to just 'go through the motions'. In my view - all of the aforementioned - are simply unacceptable situations. People deserve better - they are swapping their time and their hard-earned money for the instruction they are getting - and they deserve results! I also know instructors who are ultimately more focussed on 'impressing' others with their skill sets than they are about getting results - this is also a dereliction of duty as far as I am concerned. Leaving students amazed at our abilities doesn't necessarily produce a good outcome. In fact, the student's may just be left feeling inadequate in regard to their pwn abilities, and may, in some circumstances, even give up training as a result - I know several instances in which this is exactly what transpired. Instructors should, in my view, be all about, getting results - and positive results at that. As instructors, we need to begin wherever the students are - not where we think they should be - everyone is different - everyone has a different set of strengths and weaknesses - and an instructors task is to help navigate the student toward success. Some instructors just want to impress, others just want to go through the motions, others just want to take the money and run, others still might be genuinely interested in getting results but simply don't put in the work needed to do so - these types of instructors are falling way short of the mark.
Instructing others is a serious responsibility ... people look to their instructors for high-quality guidance - it is up to any who take up an instructing role to give people what they are paying for - in short, instructors and teachers should be leading by example, should be setting a culture of excellence, should be all about and totally focussed on, setting theirt students on the road to excellence and expertise. JBW


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