The many hats we wear …

On the mat we many hats … or at least we should.
We have our Guard Passing hat – our Sweeping Hat – our Attacking/Finishing hat – our Escaping/Defending Hat, etc.
Our tendency, our natural instinct, is to wear the hat we like the most – and that’s fine – but sometimes, it’s not sunny, sometimes, it’s raining, or snowing, or windy. Over time, we develop a Hat Collection … and we even develop a taste for wearing hats that at one time we didn’t like. And so it is also, with life … Sometimes, I have my ‘Dad’ hat on, other times, my Husband hat, my accountant/business hat (don’t like that one much), other times my training hat, my flyfishing/wilderness/adventuring hat, my teaching hat and right now, my writing hat. You get the idea.
If you only have one or two hats you like to wear … it may be worth thinking about adding a few more to your collection. There is a strong correlation between our ability to adapt in life and the size and quality of our hat collection. JBW


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