Unconventional perhaps ... But I do not have many goals that I want to see realised. I make a real point of distinction here, when I say that rather than 'goals realised' what I do have is a list of things I want to DO. To be a little clearer, here are some examples - 
It's not that I want to catch more ten pound trout in the wild - but rather, I want to experience the act of trying to do just that.
It's not that I want to have a cool brand new house - rather I want to live in a cool brand new house.
It's not that I want to BE more skilled at BJJ - rather, I want to do the training that would give me that result.
For me, it is the DOING that really counts. The ACTION rather than the thing ticked off the list. 
For me .... Life is about the DOING. It is the process that counts in the end ... rather than the actual results. 


SerenityNow! said…
This is the kind of serious insight that changes peoples' outlooks and by extension, their lives. Thanks for this.

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