Planning ... is the bedrock of easy execution.
Now, although I am also a big fan of adaptability ... I do find that the better I plan, the less I need to adapt. Planning is something that I used to abhor; my 'natural bent was to fly by the seat of my pants on a day-to-day basis. This was a useful part of my life (and a large part in  fact) as it is the period in which I learned and developed my ability to adapt. But I have to say, that 'planning' achieves way better results. I plan my training, my financials, my week, my month - in fact I have usually planned at least six months out in my calendar, if not more. Right now, I am planning the construction of a new home ... the overall plan (after I had roughed it out) was drawn up by an architect - but that is really only the beginning. Each room and all it's components, and taking into account how I was to use it, let alone the colours, decor, etc ... needs to be planned out. The more detailed the planning, the closer we get to achieving 'exactly' what we want, as opposed to 'kind of' what we want. When I plan things - I begin by sketching out the over-arching idea ... once thats done, I carve the thing up into smaller pieces and then 'drill down' into each piece ... adding much more detail and thought.
Planning - attention to detail - these are things that separate us from mediocre outcomes. As an old saying goes - 'plan beats no-plan'. JBW


Chelsey said…
This is great!

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