Monday, August 26, 2013


Resilience ...

Resilience: perhaps code for 'bring it on'! The ability to come-back from adversity, or continue in the face of it, is a key ingredient for getting where we want to go. I believe that resilience can be 'built' - I believe this because I have seen it happen, countless times on the mat. I have seen people develop and strengthen their 'resilience muscle' over time. Resilience is built through failure - through adversity - through struggle. Our instincts - often misguided - often tell us that 'failure' is all 'downside'; but if we don't 'fall off the bike', we are not faced with the choice of whether or not we should gte back on ... and without such a choice, we cannot build resilience. The process of building resilience begins with the acceptance of failure ... and the decision to continue in spite of it. JBW

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Love your blog! Keep up the good work!!

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