How many boxes do you tick?

As a grappler - you cannot just rely on a great ‘guard pass’ - or a ‘great sweep’ or a ‘great finish’ - you need to tick more than one box. The more boxes you tick - the more well-rounded and adaptive your ‘total game’ will be - the more likely you will prevail when really pressure-tested.

Now extrapolate this idea to the larger canvas of your life. It’s not much use just being a great ‘grappler’ - or ‘fighter’ - we need to make sure we have our other boxes ticked as well. Having great, fulfilling and enduring relationships - realising financial independence - enjoying good health - living somewhere where we are fulfilled and happy - being able to travel and do the things that keep us filled with a sense of wonder and joy … ticking all those boxes means we are rounding out our ‘life game’. 

This would be some of the best advice I could ever give anyone - tick all the boxes … to the best of your abilities … tick all of them! JBW 


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