The R.I.B.S.O.O.T Line ...

R.I.B.S.O.O.T = Root Idea Below - Shiny Objects On Top 

We live in a world of ever-increasing complexity. With so many new techniques, ideas and strategies being developed, by so many people - it can be confusing to the inexperienced (and often to the experienced) when trying to work out where we should invest our precious (and often limited) training time. Youtube spews out a plethora of new techniques, each and very day - but where to start, where to focus our attention. How do we make sense of it all?
This is just one of the problems that come with learning via YouTube, etc - and quite often, even when learning with 'champion competitors' - the 'unwary' can begin their study of a particular field in BJJ (or any other martial art) by climbing out on a limb (above the line) - rather than beginning where the idea first started. All ideas do not deserve equal attention ... see accompanying pic for the idea. my advice: attend to the root/fundametnal idea below the RIBSOOT line - before venturing out onto the almost infinite amount of branches above it. JBW


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