Thinking Out Loud ...

For me … this is what teaching is really about. It goes to, in the ways that really count, the very heart of my personal teaching style. My thoughts, like most people’s I guess, are a mix of the highly ordered and the abstract … and as I instruct myself, I take those who are willing, along for the ride. Perhaps this is why I remain as passionate now as I was a quarter of a century ago … I enjoy ‘thinking’, ‘pondering’, ‘exploring’ … after all, who doesn’t? I feel privileged that so many people are willing to share my process; teaching, in my view, is really just people sharing a journey together. The ‘Thinking out Loud’ teaching model is the antithesis of ‘teaching by rote’ … it might be a departure from the norm; but it is what keeps me afloat and moving in interesting directions. I look forward to spending time with some of you on the mat soon … JBW


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