Embracing Strangeness ..

I learned this lesson over three decades ago; and it has served me well ver since. I use it in teaching, in learning and in living …

AT FIRST: When I encounter something new/alien/different - whether it be a cultural thing, an idea or a technique … I find a way to connect/tie/relate it to something that I am already familiar with.

LATER ON: I go the other way - once the new/alien/different thing is more familiar, I start looking for those aspects of it that are different/alien … I find a way to wring our or extract what makes it unique.

In teaching - I try to deliver new ideas to students in a way that makes them appear ‘slightly familiar’ - once they take a basic level of ownership - I switch focus to what makes that new idea ‘unique’ - in and of it’s own category.

When I met my wife - I was attracted by those things we had in common - but as the decades have gone by, I find myself more attracted by those things about her that are different. 

I hope you find this useful … I have myself, on countless occasions.



Jiu Jiu said…
For me, I find that you should try all new things 3 times. The first time it is just alien. The second time you're more familiar and know what to expect. The third time will let you know if you like/dislike it.

I get what you're saying about looking for commonalities, though. I tend to see BJJ as a series of motions - fundamental building blocks that are put together in an assortment of ways.

Good post!

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