Into the river ...

The majority of people do not like 'stepping into the river' - they do not like 'committing' to a course of action - perhaps it is because we do not feel comfortable in 'giving up control' or 'leaving our comfort zones' .... as the cliche goes. The thing though is this ... and it is important to realise it ... we are all already 'in the river'! We have all committed! Very, very often, we are committed to a state of inaction. This is a great way, to get nothing done. In my own case, I have pretty much always 'jumped'. In earlier years, without much thought or pre-meditation - and often to my detriment. But in later years; as I have developed strategic thinking, etc - the tendency to 'go anyways' - has served me pretty well. One minute I am musing what it would be like to live in the Thunderbirds Lair (and sketching up plans and drawings) - next minute I find myself standing in the middle of it, working out where the security cameras are going ... yikes! I have been told I have problems with impulse control - but you know what, life is 'short' and 'getting shorter by the second' ... so I say - don't worry about whether you step into the river or not - because you are already in it - I say, swim hard and get it done - because the current is pulling you toward the sea, faster than you might realise! JBW


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