Comfort in routines ...

Although I love my share of adventure and tend to enjoy the odd piece of chaos ... I think I am largely a creature of routine. Having just moved in to a new house ... after 25 years in my last place - I must admit to feeling slightly perplexed; the space is different, the feel is different, stuff isn't where it should be ... new routines are yet to reveal themselves. I am left wondering how much of who we are if defined by our daily routines ... our eating habits, our thinking habits, our reading habits, our training habits, etc?
In many ways this relates to the old 100 points idea. It goes like this ... each of us has, at our mental disposal, 100 points to spend. Any time we are taking those first wobbly steps in learning a new skill or creating a new routine, we need the lions share of our 100 points to get the job done ... leaving few points left over for attending other tasks. of course, once we have laid down those tracks and embodied the new skill-set or routine ... then we get a lot of those points back and are able to use them to attend to other things.
Remember when we first drove a car, we needed to direct all of our attention to the task at hand, leaving nothing left over for other stuff ... once we have acquired experience though, we get our points back and are able to drive and still attend to other things - some good, like what's going on in our immediate driving environment - pr less good, like talking on the phone and thinking about other things.
New techniques - need embedding; new skills need repetition ... new habits need practice so that we get those valuable points back and can use them elsewhere - over and over - to somewhat define how we live in the world. JBW


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