Seek and Solve ...

‘Think - and so it shall be’ - ‘visualise and the universe will manifest it for you’ … these big ‘secrets’, in my view - are fine examples of the kind of new-age hogwash that people not only swallow in ever-growing portions but they often may handsomely for the privilege of doing so.


I do believe in ‘thinking’ - I do believe in the benefits of day-dreaming’ - but I also know this simple truth: if you want something to happen, you need to take action! If a lion is chasing you - pray by all means - visualise if you must - but do so whilst running! 

The so-called law of attraction is, like the concept of goal visualisation - is very widely misunderstood. When we identify something that we want, and it gains ‘meaning’ in our mind - our brain scouts our environment for any thing/events/situation that might help us achieve our desire. Simple as that. It’s the same kind of deal when you buy a new car (say a jeep) … then suddenly, you see Jeeps everywhere - of course they were always there, they were just never personally important to you before, The universe didn’t have anything to do with it … it certainly didn’t manifest them for you - your brain switched onto ‘seek and solve’ mode. Seek and solve … that’s the real secret! Yikes! JBW


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