MY DEFINITION OF STRATEGY: The art of Achieving desired outcomes with maximum efficiency. Often, this requires thinking outside of the box … but always, it does require ‘thinking’. Strategy can also be viewed as the means by which we get what we want with minimal conflict. Conflict is the most basic way to get what you want - ‘I want that apple - you want the same apple - we fight for it’ … strategy would provide a scenario where you decided you no longer wanted the apple - or even better, you decided it would be a good idea to give it to me - no conflict. If both parties ‘get what they want’ - that is good strategy at work. But before you can create or decide on a strategy to achieve the outcomes you want - you need to do a very important thing: decide on what it is you want. Only when you are totally clear on what you want can you begin to shape a strategy to ‘get there’. Having no clarity of purpose - or clear sense of desired outcomes - inevitably ensures that we settle for whatever ‘random outcomes’ pop up as a result of our efforts (or lack of efforts). Outcomes happen - with infinite frequency - but are they the outcomes we want? JBW


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