How we can raise the bar ...

Have you ever renovated one room of a house? You turn that room from a three-star bathroom to a five-star bathroom … but then what happens? In the end, you realise something … you realise that you can no longer live with your three-star lounge room. So you renovate that - to match your bathroom. Next thing you know … you have renovated your whole house. I suspect that this is something that women intuitively know … and the (often unsuspecting) husband wakes up one day in a fully renovated house, wondering how it all happened; after all, his wife only asked him to renovate the bathroom - the rest had been his decision ... right?

And so it is with our BJJ game … when we deepen our understanding of one technique, when we really pull it part, analyse and even improve it … we begin to sow the seeds of discontent with regards to how we view the rest of our game/arsenal. And so - over time - we raised the bar and improve ourselves. This is one of the outcomes I try to achieve in teaching the seminars (and classes) I run; I try to deepen everyone’s understanding of the given subject matter … hoping that in doing so, everyone will re-consider, re-analyse and re-think their understanding of everything else they know. If you learn to cook a world-class soufflé - chances are that you will re-look at how you cook up your morning porridge. JBW


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