Lazer Focus

Consider how we might navigate from one location to another - either in a city or in the wilderness:
Certainly, we might have an end-point (an outcome) in mind … but we do not dwell or remain focussed on that as we push forward - instead, we break the ‘journey’ up into a series of small (more manageable) legs. Our focus remains directly on the ground beneath our feet - on those steps immediately in front of us … and so we overcome the innumerable little (and sometimes big) obstacles that hinder our progress. 
Maintaining Lazer-focus on making small headway is one the real secrets to getting stuff done. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be easily pulled ‘off mission’ - we shouldn’t lose focus on that part of the pathway that lies immediately before us. 

In BJJ, for example - if you want to execute your favourite Spiderguard Sweep - you don’t place your focus on the sweep itself - or even on the outcome … rather, you place all of your attention on getting that first grip on the sleeve - understand the strategies and movements you might need to employ to get that done - and then, your foot goes on the bicep - and then - you attend the the next step in the series of small battles that will ultimately lead to the sweep or attack you want to execute. Maintaining focus and clarity on each of the many steps you need to make to get the job done - is the real secret to the success that the very best enjoy. Use this strategy to grow great tomato plants, to build yourself a home or to send a rocket to the moon. You need to know where you are going - for sure - but you need to get ‘super clarity’ on each of the steps necessary top get you there. Lazer focus! JBW


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