The tapestry of you ...

In post-seminar Q&A time last night - someone related to me how nervous they felt when they decided to take part in their first BJJ competition. The piece of advice I offered was simple - keep things in perspective! It is just a competition - the outcome of which would in no way define who this person was. Think about it ... we are complex beings. There are so many facets to who we are, so many layers, so many intricately woven parts that go into creating the tapestry that represents who we really are. We are NOT defined by whether we win or lose in a competition; we are not defined by our bank balance; by what kind of car we drive, by our haircut or by the clothes we wear. All of those things come and go, they loom before us and disappear as the current of time sweeps us onward. I think too many of us, place far too much significance on what others think of our efforts, successes and failures ... when the truth is most people have their hands full in dealing with the ups and downs in their own their lives. Our successes and failures are just turns in the road ... in the end, we all meet much the same fate. So walk well ... with head held high ... win, lose, stumble or fly ... just do it splendidly. JBW


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