Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Each - doing their best ...

Each of us … in our own way, does the best we can - the best we are capable of at a given time under a given set of circumstances. And each of us begins each day with a unique construct of both mind and body … no two of us are the same - and yet, in many ways, most of us strive for the same thing - to better ourselves, our circumstances and raise ourselves beyond what we were yesterday. Thinking plays a large part in how well we fare - as does the company we choose - but luck also, plays a large part. The opportunities are different in a small country town from those in a large city; in a country town it is harder to leverage toward financial independence through say, property development - but then again, in the big city we have a greater chance of being injured or killed in a car accident. One path, one set of circumstances takes us further from one outcome and closer to another … our choices can overcome our circumstances, but those circumstances do define how each of us will begin our journey. When someone comes to begin training at my school - I am very and fully aware that their journey to that point in time was theirs alone - and utterly unique. I cannot rightfully expect each and every student to learn the same way, at the same rate or e driven by the same motivation - each is different, each unique - and each will place a different value on what they are learning and each will judge their open progress in a different way. Ultimately, each person walks a unique path - and in most of the ways that matter - each is doing the best they can … given who they are and given the path they have walked thus far. JBW

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