Not giving in to 'instant gratification' = success!

We are fortunate in the extreme to live in a world, that for the most part, affords us with loads of opportunity and a relatively affluent lifestyle. it does though, come at a price. And one of the ways we 'pay' - is that we have forgotten how to 'work and toil for reward'. Everything comes so easy. We want food, we head to the supermarket - most of us don't go to the trouble of growing and cultivating it ourselves. We live in a 'I want it now - and I expect to get it now' society. This also goes to 'ranking' in martial arts culture. Many people don't see the work as the priority - and many are, in my opinion, over-focussed on getting the new belt - rather than being satisfied and fully invested in the training. Check out the famous 'marshmellow experiment' - in which kids are offered a choice between one marshmellow now, or two if they are prepared to wait just 15 minutes. You guessed it - the majority couldn't find it within themselves to wait. In one version of this famous experiment, the subjects were tracked into their adulthood - and the minority who possessed the 'will power' to wait the extra 15 minutes to get the two marshmellows, were far and away happier and more successful than their counterparts who opted for instant gratification. So it seems, that those who overcome their craving for instant gratification - and swap 'short term gain' for 'long term better-gain' - seem to do well in the game of life. This idea can be applied to so many aspects of our lives ... and, in my opinion, it is skill we can work at and develop. if you are 20-30 years old - and you can forego the short-term pleasure of spending 100% of your earnings - and can put away just 10% of that money and invest it - you will be a millionaire several times over by the time you are 50. And that's just one slice of the pie - developing some will-power affords us many an opportunity to do better in the long run. Please 'google' the marshmellow experiment if you have not heard of it ... I hope you take this important lesson on-board. JBW


Kuzushi said…
John I read everyone of your blogs and they are always on point.
Thanks for the inspiration.
JBW said…
Thanks Kuzushi ... I appreciate the kind feedback. Best wishes: John
matt c said…
thank you john i too read you blogs and i always find a different way to approach things from reading them.
JBW said…
Thank you Matt ... I am glad you like it. best respect: John
Darko Pavlovic said…
Hi John
Your latest blog has prompted me to share with you a funny comment from my late father about my training: " Son, you have been training a long time and you're still learning, you're not very good are you." He was stirring me up.
Darko Pavlovic
Sunbury Jiu-Jitsu Academy
Matt Klein said…
I have always subscribed to the concept of "pay yourself first". Take your monthly paycheck and deduct that 10 percent first, invest it, then live off the rest. It is not that hard, and takes little effort. I also think this concept works well with time management. Put those 10 percent of critical activities first, get them done, then everything else will fall into place. Very thought provoking post John.

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