Acceptance of the past is one thing but acceptance of the future is quite another. It is a healthy practice to accept things that have happened in our past ... we want to live in the present and spend some time planning for the future ... but living in the past, wallowing in it, just denies us a more full and meaningful NOW.
BUT, acceptance of the future, runs counter to all of my instincts. I propose nothing new by proclaiming that each of us is the author of our future ... and acceptance of our situation, the status quo, or of our fate ... is something i rail against. it's easy to be hypnotized by comments like 'thats just the way it's done' or 'that what you ar supposed to do' ... but all the gret discoveries have been made by people who have ignored such slogans. what if the Wright brothers had listened to their nay-sayers; what if we all still lived in  a place where we all just accepted that the world was flat and if you sailed too far, you just disappeared over the edge?
You can't get that job! You cannot make a living from the martial arts training! You cant start your own business! All those who have heard such things and accepted them as truth, have possibly missed out on living a life they would ave found much joy in. There is often safety is accepting the 'way it is supposed to be' ... in not 'rocking the boat' ... but the price you  pay is a lack of the extraordinary; a lack of life adventure. Certiainly there are many, many instances where we don not want to squander time trying to re-invent the wheel ... but there are also many paradigms that need breaking, countless new paths to be taken ... on this adventure we call life. I say ... go go it. Many a new path will terminate in a dead-end ... but evry now and again, you will breakthrough into new territory ... and thats where the real fun is to be had. JBW


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