Automate ...

Habits - to a large degree, shape who we are.
I find refuge in routine. I wake up, I drink my Tiger;s Milk formula … I teach my morning private lesson - I eat a protein-based lunch. At night, I head to my school and teach the evening classes - I arrive back home at 8:30pm and eat dinner, chat to my family and watch a movie out of the corner of one eye. Three times a week - mondays, wednesdays and fridays, I head to functional fitness space with a few friends and do a 30-40 minute Tabata workout. Every second weekend, I am usually teaching seminars. All, pretty much routine-based.

I like routines because they automate my life. That doesn’t mean I don’t have spontaneity and adventure in my life - I certainly do - but I like to automate a large portion of how I live. I do so for one main reason, even without thinking - being totally on auto-pilot, I get a lot done. The ‘automation’ (read habit-based living) means that even as I ‘coast’ along, I achieve … I get stuff done. I have automated my training, my finances, my eating … by this I mean, even in the worst case, I find myself heading in a positive direction. One foot in front of the other … JBW


Elliot said…
John, you're a good writer. And this is a great point. I think about a great deal about habits and how much impact they have. They're the 'secret code' we all have. But I'm not sure I've thought about habits as a way to automate your life in a GOOD way. It has certainly made me stop and think. Thanks

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