Succeed in the small things ...

I have come to understand this - succeeding in the small things - is the way we eventually succeed in the big things. Those ‘small successes’; really, really, really, matter. 
On the mat - rather than focussing on the ‘whole technique’ it is usually better to remain focussed on achieving just one small ‘step’ of that technique - and then the next, and then the next, and so on … staying invested in the ‘process’ is how great goals are eventually achieved.

So - to be practical - get up in the morning - and get that ‘small success’ under your belt - make your bed! Even one box ‘ticked’ - is infinitely better than no boxes ‘ticked’. The small successes are the key to the big successes - in the same way that ‘keeping small promises’ are the key to being able to keep the big promises. 

One of the cornerstones to success - is to make small goals and hit them. Succeed in the small things! The rest will take care of itself. - JBW


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