Thinner and Thinner Slices ....

This is how we come to clearer understanding of things. 

On the mat, choose a technique - then break it down into it’s component parts. if there are three or four main elements to the technique - try breaking each one of those down into even more elements … slicing thinner and thinner until you really understand the technique. Examine not only the various stages (and micro-stages) of the technique - but understand the timing or ‘firing order’ of the various elements as well; the closer we look, the more we will see. This is how ‘study’ is done. Our ‘natural’ inclination is to ‘swallow’ a new technique as a whole - to gulp it down … and that approach may well serve as initial introduction but it is not how deep understanding comes. Thinner and thinner slices (a termed coined by good friend David Meyer) … the more ‘pixels’ - the clearer the picture … JBW


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