Time ...

It is easier to visualise a strawberry-milkshake-drinking monkey, sitting on a toaster - than it is to visualise the passage of time. We can picture or visualise objects easily - but time is not an object - is an abstract concept. Most people have a lot of difficulty in visualising abstract concepts. 

Herein lies the most basic reason why most of us seem to be largely unaware of the rate at which we spend this most valuable of resources. As young children and teenagers we view time (at least I did) as a virtually unlimited resource. As we grow older we begin to realise that we have a limited number of grains of sand left in our life’s hourglass and we are spending those remaining grains at the rate of 1 second per second. Not to come across as being overly-gloomy here - but for every single one of us, those sands are running out!

And because it is so hard to visualise the passage of time, most people find it somewhat challenging to deny themselves in the short term (i.e.: save money, do exercise, study) so that they may benefit in the longer term. 

So … spend your time wisely; do those activities that give you joy and teach you something; hang out with the right kind of people; don’t compromise too much with those things that really matter to you; invest in the ‘now’ , enjoy every hour of every day but don’t forget to spend a little of your time planning for the future (it may well turn up).

Time - invisible … but very real! JBW


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