Your tribe ...

Who do we spend our time with? Who do we hang out with? And in thinking about the answers to these questions, keep in mind, it’s not about how ‘much’ time we spend - it’s about the quality of the time spent. Who we associate with, even if it’s only one or two times a week - may well determine and shape how we think, and ‘act’ as we carve out the path of our own life’s story. 
In my own case, as I muse on the idea, I marvel at those people who have very much influenced my own thinking over the years. Some of whom, I actually spent very little time with, yet their influence continues to shape my journey to this day. 

We are people, we are, to a greater or lesser extent, social beings - we interact with each other in a variety of different ways, and to a variety of different outcomes. The great experiment that is humanity never ceases to amaze as we blend, mix and effect each other in a thousand ways. Many of our interactions are, to a large extent, beyond our control - but many are of course, of our own choosing. My advice - choose wisely … be particular, be discerning … the outcomes of our chooses can be spectacularly bad or spectacularly good. JBW


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