What we bring to the tapestry?

Each of us is part of the tapestry of the world we inhabit. We all bring something to the picture … sometimes we improve the tapestry, sometimes we damage it; but we all bring ourselves to bear on it. You only see the larger picture when you step right back from it; up close, it is often difficult to see how one small thread can hold any meaning at all. We step back though, we let time pass and we get a clearer picture of our contribution to the whole. Each and every day, we add to it. A small re-direction of the thread here or there can bring large and lasting changes to the way it all unfolds. Small events can result in large changes. 
Even in one small part of our world, the same process is taking place. On the mat, each night, everyone brings a different thread to bear on the overall picture. Every move, every technique adds to the scene; and the scene constantly evolves and changes. Even one small success in a training session can result in big change to our overall game. One small hip movement; one little grip … the possibilities are endless.



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