A hyena is not a dog!

The first time we see a Hyena we see it as some kind of dog. That is, we see it through the bias of our world view. Having done so, it is very difficult to move away from that idea … and therein lies one of the main reasons most people fail to make critical distinctions. Being able to see the differences between things that seem similar (if not identical) is one of the things that makes and expert … an expert! In simplistic terms, the more ways you can tell me how a Hyena is NOT like a dog - the greater an expert you become on the subject. if the only thing you can say is that Hyena is kind of like a dog - then you remain inexpert on the subject of Hyena's. We look at a thing - we cannot help but put it into a box that already exists in our mind ... when we train ourselves to look 'afresh' and see a thing for what it is ... we open ourselves to deeper understanding. JBW


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