Prime Movers

Our gaze is often drawn to that certain group of people who have ‘celebrity status’ … to those who have risen to prominence through one means or another. There are those who actively seek out fame and notoriety for it’s own sake … perhaps this is an innate ‘survival imperative’ that harks back to tribal society - the bigger your reputation the more ‘power’ you had within the tribe - and the greater chance of survival. Note here; that I am not judging - more power to the ‘seekers of fame’ I say - although I do make a distinction between that kind of person that seeks notoriety for it’s own sake - and those who become well-known for what they have achieved or contributed to society; such people, I call Prime Movers.
Prime Movers make things happen; sometimes for altruistic reasons, sometimes for personal reasons - and very often for mix of both. The Australian martial arts landscape has been shaped to a large degree by prime movers like Richard Norton, Tino Ceberano, Stan Longinidis, Elvis Sinosic, Sam Greco, Ziggy Kelovicz, William Cheung, Rick Spain, Bob Jones, Jack Rozinsky, Frank Nowak, John Taylor and many other greats that I no doubt will have omitted. Although it's not considered good ettitquette to 'judge' - I do - as I am also fully prepared top be judged myself. And I judge a persons notoriety as worthwhile or unworth-while by how they have contributed to the landscape. There are those 'out there' who are notorious but have contributed nothing - there are those who have not sought notoriety yet have become well known becasue they have made great and lasting contributions - to those excellent men - and women - I say 'kudos' - and thank you! JBW


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