Our 'Crumby' BJJ Game ...

Imagine this: there is a theoretical spectrum of BJJ proficiency - at one end (the bad end) we are all untalented, untrained, feeble babies being crushed and manhandled by the Mighty Hulk. At the other end of the spectrum, we are all super-humans, with magical understanding of strategy, leverage, bio-mechanics and technique and can effortlessly thwart all attacks and in turn dominate and direct the course of any battle as if in a dream. With these two ends of the spectrum established - we can ask where we (each of us) sits along it’s length? We exist, obviously, as neither ‘babies’ nor ‘super-humans’ - but each of us, in a reality that is unique to ourselves - somewhere in-between. We exist not in the unimaginably horrible ‘reality’ nor in the unbeleivably good ‘reality’ ….. we are in the kind of ‘crumby’ reality - somewhere in the middle. But this is a great thing! In my view, the best thing! For it is in this ‘crumby’ space, that we can learn and grow and have fun.

If we were all ‘feeble babies’ - there would be no point in trying. We would exist is a hopeless place. If we were all super-humans, there would be no point - no reason, no challenge - no-where to rise to. We are exactly where the growth can be experienced, where the joy is to be found, where the lessons are to be learned. We are in the crumby part …. awesome! JBW


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