Being vs having

Having a black belt and becoming a black belt are two different things. You can always buy one - and you have it! But having a Black Belt doesn’t necessarily mean someone IS a Black Belt. Same goes for life way away from the mat - we can strive to HAVE, HAVE, HAVE … I know people like this … but in the end, their HAVING doesn’t in any way guarantee them happiness. I think we should strive to BE!
BEING … is real; it springs from within … it simply IS! 

BEING …  doesn’t shout, wave or cry ‘look at me’ … is is a state, rather than an affectation. We are not apart from nature - our place is within nature … and when we look at everything else in nature … it just IS. The need to HAVE is a trick of the ego … it offers a lot but delivers so little. JBW


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