Thursday, October 30, 2014


professor ... not master!

In BJJ - the Black Belt is commonly referred to as a professor; the original and still most common interpretation of which, simply means ‘teacher’. I don’t mind that. Certainly, when people refer to me as ‘master’ - I reel back in abject horror. No master am I.

Actually, I consider myself a student, first and foremost. A student with more experience than many others, perhaps - and therefore I try to ‘teach’ - to help and advise others who are partaking of the same journey. But ‘master’? No! Emphatically - no! I leave that title to others. Some deserving - some very, very much undeserving! JBW

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I wouldn't feel right being called a master either. I think to accept it in my own mind would require that I produce highly skilled black belts.

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Agree wholeheartedly! I feel it is silly to insist others refer to one as the "master". Absolutely pompous..

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Anonymous 1:43 pm

This only shows how humble bjj makes of us all.

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