The Rollercoaster ...

In our training - both on and off the mat - the journey unfolds like a roller-coaster ride. We have our up’s and we have our downs … of most of us, this is just the reality. But again, for most of us (anyone reading this at least) - even the ‘downs’ are representations of a far better situation than that which most of the worlds population is experiencing. Our ‘downs’ would be countless other people’s ‘peaks’. Perspective is sometimes a difficult thing to behold.

If you are going through a ‘low’ period in your training, use that time to square away some fundamentals - get your ‘ducks in a row’ - then when things improve you will be better prepared to make the most of it. There are ‘seasons’ for all things … winter is inevitably followed by spring. The only question usually is this: can you go the distance? Perspective will help you do so. JBW


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