updating the software ...

The advent of MMA has had several large effects on the martial arts landscape.
Some of these effects are good, whilst others (in my opinion) are bad!

I have long been a fan of trying to ‘connect’ up the various elements of the combative arts to produce something more holistic and well-rounded; this has been my inclination from as early as the late 70’s. In short, I do like the MMA approach, from a technical/strategic perspective … what I do not like is the fact that many schools seem to have lost something in the process. Whilst the more traditional martial arts styles might not be as practical and effective, they did instil very important values along the way; values like, respect for each other, good manners, consideration for others, etc. I very much like those aspects of the martial arts. So the problem, as I see it is this, some schools have thrown the computer out, in an effort to update … rather than just updating the software. Throwing the baby out with the bath-water is classic mistake - one that, if we are not careful, is very easy to make. JBW


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