Winning ...

Winning can be rewarding. People like winning. People also very often misunderstand what so-called ‘losing’ is really about. Situations in which we lose are just trial runs - and this is where the real learning is done. And here’s a question worth pondering … what does winning really mean?

I like winning at life. That’s the real game. How is the whole thing travelling? How do we put all the parts together to create a picture worth having. I know many so-called ‘champions’ - who may have won gold medals, world titles, etc … but whose lives are pretty much dysfunctional. I have seen such people living in a crumby one-bedroom apartment, with their broken down car sitting in the driveway, no worthwhile relationships to speak of, unhappy with their lot while complaining how others have been more lucky, etc … all the time staring at their belt and medals collection in a cabinet beside their TV. Yikes! In fact, triple yikes! Win at life - that is the only game that counts. And there are many faces of the game … learn to have balance, learn to understand and shore up weaknesses … the strengths will take care of themselves. JBW


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