The 1st Arnold BJJ Classic - downunder!

In the New Year (weekend of March 13th/14th/15th) the city of Melbourne is playing host to the inaugural Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Classic. This is not only a first for Australia, but is a first for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition landscape. The first ever Arnie BJJ competition – with Arnold himself being in attendance – will take place on Saturday March 14th – and I have been asked (as an independent party) to assist in the organising and running of the event. My role is to keep everyone informed as to event details - field a referee and officials team – design the way the competition will be run and to solve problems if and when they arise. I have agreed to accept this role with the view that it could possibly become one of the biggest independent BJJ events in the world. The forward plan is to roll out the Arnie Classic in a number of countries – and that could lead to even more extraordinary possibilities. I urge everyone interested in competition, to take this opportunity to get in ‘on the ground floor’. I will be sending out info packs to 140 odd BJJ schools come monday. The BJJ event will be part of a larger three day martial arts and fitness expo - which is expected top attract tens of thousands of participants. A real first for Australia! 


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