Extracting value ..

Some people extract more value from things than other people ... and usually, those that do are the kinds of people who innately understand the concept of leverage. 'Leverage' is about 'moving a lot with a little' - moving a big object with a smaller object - etc. Arriving (by way of thinking) at how e can reap value from the things we learn in our martial arts practise, in the wider aspects of our lives - is ultimately about being congruent. If we are 'this way' over here (doing this thing) then we should be the same way 'over there' - doing that other thing. If we pay great attention to detail in the way we practise our 'Kimura' from the guard - then we should also pay that same level of attention tot he way we practise our Kimura from every other position - and then, we may as well pay the same amount of attention to every other technique - and then, it might occur to us to pay the same amount of attention to other aspects of our lives away from the mat - this is extracting the most value from the Kimura as we can get. I don't want to practise 'excellence' in one part of my life - whilst I am failing at all the other parts - I know many, many people who live that way. There is great leverage in living congruently. Have a great start to the new year everyone. JBW


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