Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Pursuit ...

I bought a book the other day - and the just the title of the book was worth the price. The content wasn’t all that inspiring - pretty ‘run of the mill’ from my P.O.V - but the title - fantastic! And sometimes, that’s all you need; just a rough compass bearing to give you direction - the details you can work out for yourself as you lean toward your goal. The title of the book was a little twist on something we have all probably heard a hundred times; but sometimes, a little ‘twist’ can produce a big result. The title of the book was THE HAPPINESS OF PURSUIT. I think that’s great! It is in pursuit of something that we find ourselves most energised, most excited, most captivated. Whether the goal be getting to the moon, climbing everest, catching a ten pound trout or earning a BJJ Black Belt … the pursuit of the thing gives us the lions share of the happiness, enjoyment and reward. All the planning, all the training, all the daydreaming about the goal - that is where the real fulfilment lies. The Happiness of Pursuit … perfect! JBW

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Bob Burns 2:18 pm

Spot on! The true purpose of a goal is simply and foremost to get you into the game. The real time wisdom gained along the way,
is where the lasting benefit is to be found! Self worth should never be attached to completion, only to your very best effort.

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So true, and the people along the way with which we share so much in our pursuits make it all worthwhile.

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