An Early Epiphany ...

I had this epiphany some time ago. I think it very much underpins the way I teach … and the way I generally get to the ‘how’ of things. I have used this simple template to get things done in many aspects of my life … I know it will work for you as well; if you’ll give it a chance.
I’ll try to explain it … here goes …

Let me give a simple example. You know those signs - AVOID WINDSCREEN DAMAGE … if you live in Australia, you will be familiar with what I am talking about. Well; they typify what I do not like about typical instruction. It is just too vague …. in fact, I don’t think it works at all. So I always ask a simple question … and it is this: ‘HOW?’
How do I avoid windscreen damage? The answer to that question will give me a much better result than the ridiculous sign itself. The answer, of course, is SLOW DOWN! So here’s my question - why not just have the sign say SLOW DOWN, instead of AVOID WINDSCREEN DAMAGE? That way … you get a better result!

Another example - more complex (meaning more steps) …
Serving a tennis ball. I ask how do we do that?
Answer: Hit the ball over the net.
But how do we do that?
Throw the ball up and hit it.
But how do we do that?
Holding the ball - we allow our arm to drop - we contract our bicep, open our hand, release the ball in an upward direction, whilst reaching high with the racquet …. etc, etc. Now we are thinking … thinking about each step of a complex process that will lead to a result. 

By continually asking ‘how?’ - until it is no longer practical to do so - we deepen our understanding of the process; ANY PROCESS! This is key!

Another example - someone advises you to buy an investment property.
The worst thing to say is ‘sure’ … the better thing to say is ‘how?’
Reply: Save a deposit … the tenants will help you pay the mortgage.
How to I save the deposit?
Save 10 % of everything you earn.
How do I do that?
Go out once a week instead of three times a week - buy no-brand products instead of brand products - be frugal for two years. There it is. 

So by asking how just three times … you get much clearer and ‘achievable’ advice.

I remember when I first learned to do this … but that is another story.

I hope this helps you - both on the mat … and in the ‘real’ game … life. Seriously, I want each and every one of you to lead successful lives. Lives that overflow with abundance and happiness. Please re-read this post. JBW


Unknown said…
Thank You John i appreciate what you're saying , I'm big on asking how? and why? .Someone once said a man who knows why , can beat a man who knows how .Its one of my favourites actually John im sure it came from you .Have a lean and mean two fifteen ....
Cheers Christopher

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