Different Strokes ...

As the old saying goes … birds of a feather flock together. Like seems to attract like; and thank goodness for that. There are certain martial arts gyms out there that seem to value trash talk, bad attitude, irreverent behaviour, and the like … and although I abhor those things, I still think those particular sorts of schools provide a service; they provide a venue for the kinds of people that I myself would not want in my school. Each school has a certain culture in place - people tend to gravitate toward the school that offers the kind of culture they aspire to - or like - and, I for one, am glad of that! The only down-side is this … someone new to martial arts might have the misfortune to walk into one of those schools and make the mistake of thinking all schools are of similar vein … and then, after a bad experience or two (or three) they quit training and never venture into another school again. Not all schools are the same - not all restaurants are the same - not all fitness trainers are the same, etc. To borrow a line from an Indiana Jones movie … ‘choose wisely!’ JBW


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