Stepping back … from whatever we find ourselves wallowing in - can be a good thing. Stepping back and getting some ‘perspective’ has helped me on countless occasions. When we are ‘neck deep’ in a problem it is very easy for the ‘problem’ to consume our whole world - when in fact, when put in perspective, it isn’t anywhere near as bad as we think.

Stepping back, getting perspective, answers both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ I started out on a ‘holistic’ approach to martial arts training some thirty years ago. By stepping back I instantly became aware of the ‘holes’ in my practice - and so I started on the task of patching them up (proto MMA approach). It is so easy for our minds to be drawn to the ‘drama’ in our lives (some people actually seem to love drama - I am not one of them) - but when we ‘step back’ and get a little perspective, it is easy to realise how fortunate we really are. There are millions of people who will go to sleep tonight without food or shelter - there are millions of people forced to watch their children suffer with the power to do nothing about it … do we really need to worry about the fact that we might lose our job in six months time? or that one of the tyres on our car is wearing out? Or about some comment on Facebook? Or some other comparatively trivial drama? Perspective! Perspective! JBW


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